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Renee Stramel

Renée Stramel is a multi-media artist currently residing in Richmond, Virginia. Her’s is a story of continual rebirth and reinvention. 


After attending art school at Virginia Commonwealth University, Renée pivoted to earn her Associates Degree in Applied Science for Photographic Equipment Technology. After a successful decade in the field of camera repair, including leading a regional group of independent technicians, the industry had begun to wane. Renée realized the need to adapt and evolve. She returned to her passion for creating, seizing an opportunity with art publishing company Old World Prints as a watercolor production artist, hand coloring both antique and newly designed art prints. As Old World Prints grew and expanded into The World Art Group, so did Renée’s role within the company where she founded and developed a new product line called Embellished Prints. Embellishment quickly grew to become a flagship product line for World Art Group with Renée leading a team of seven in the creation and production of up to 1600 pieces of finished art per week.


In 2020, Renée left World Art Group to forge a new path focusing on art and design for both wall decor and surface pattern design. Working and creating in traditional as well as digital mediums, her work is tirelessly experimental and innovative in techniques and materials. With a focus on the abstract, Renée has a bright and optimistic design sense with a flair for the dramatic. 


She resides with her filmmaker husband Jim and their two cats, Mitzi and Mo. "Art is at the heart of everything we do." she explains. "It’s all about the joy that comes from creating.”


Renée’s work has been licensed by companies such as Anthropologie, Target and Ethan Allen.