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David Jordan Williams


Whether photographing the everyday world or shooting and modifying in the studio, Williams work is unified by a need to transcend the commonplace and create an encounter with the unknown. Through strategically framing beauty and oddities he stumbles upon in the daily world, or through the use of studio setups, David makes magic with what he sees around him.

David has said that the choice of photography as his primary medium has generational/genetic roots. “My grandfather was a pioneer in the field and I believe I picked up where he left off. The minute I picked up my first camera I knew I was hooked”.

Digital imaging also became a natural tool in his creative process. “It seems to work more directly with my subconscious. I can certainly realize a better rendition of an idea digitally than in the days when, if I wanted something flying over a building, I would have to shoot the building, shoot the object, put the two transparencies together and hope the lab could make a copy transparency that held focus with both images. Digitally the process is direct and does not interrupt the spontaneity of the fl ow of ideas”. As a graphic designer, David likes to blend his clean and dynamic sense of design with a more reflective point of view that merges the mundane world with the inspirational.